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This is not kewl
Dec 17, 2015 | 9:21 AM | 0 awesomeness

17 December 2015. Thursday 9:02 am.

We are going back to school soon and this is not cool. I havent done any of my homework and this is not cool. I havent study for anything walaupun next year dah nak spm (Al-Fatihah untuk diri sendiri). I wake up late lepas tu benci diri sendiri padahal diri sendiri yang tak nak bangun. I'm still here, stucked between dreams and realities. Stucked between bunch of korean men omg.

TBH this is like my first holiday yang aku memang nak all out punya holiday (haa yang tidur lambat bangun lambat gadget 24/7 berkurung dalam bilik and keep myself away from any people).


This has always been my 'penyakit' even since I'm still small. Dulu lagi teruk ahh for sure but since I got into MRSM I tried my best to talk to people and public speaking semua tu ah. First time masuk tipulah tak gelabah bila cikgu suruh buat presentation cakap depan kelas. Pulak tu semua haram tak nak bukak mulut memang macam tunggul ah kat depan kelas tu.

4 years in MRSM and penyakit tu still tak hilang. Boleh kira anti-social lah kot? Well if you are my schoolmates sometimes you can see me walking alone, eating alone. Its not I dont have any friends to begin with. Its just... pernah time sometime kau rasa kau rimas dengan orang orang kat dunia ni haaa tu ah perasaan dia. I really really need to be alone.

Plus I used to have lagi satu penyakit yang tak suka orang sentuh my things. Masa form 1 aku tak bagi orang duduk atas katil aku kayyy. But then  I realised yang we live in one community and we should be more open minded. So I start to give permission to those who want to sit on my bed, touch my phones, look at my locker etc. Tapi bila balik rumah penyakit tu terus jadi balik but its not a problem anyway sebab my parents never touch my things because they understand that we must respect each other's privacy.

This entry is so random hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. BTW I woke up early today huhu.

This is literally me trying to get rid of all my homework and people

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